Md. Jamal Uddin

Software Developer | MIS Executive
National Polymer Industries Ltd.

Hi, I'm Md. Jamal Uddin! You can call me Jamal. I'm a highly curious and passionate software developer with years of experience in web development. As a quick learner with an enthusiasm for creating, building web applications. I'm constantly looking for the next project to throw myself into.

With interdisciplinary experience both in front and back, I'm able to bring a strong visual focus to the user experience, utilizing storytelling to develop interactive web applications that help organizations increase their digital presence. I strive to work in a highly technical environment that challenges my diverse skillset and pushes me to learn and grow further.

When I'm not working, I like to read different types of books, writing blog posts, problem solving on Hackerrank, and surround myself in islamic lifestyle. if you'd like to connect, collaborate, or just chat. I'm always happy to meet new people!